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What We Can Offer

Regardless of how broad or little, Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited passes on world class structuring to each stretch out and offers wonderful capacity to convey quality, caught undertakings at the speed present day industry demands without surrendering quality or prosperity.

Molecular Research

There are distinctive obvious molds open understanding a sweeping degree of board sizes, thickness and work structures.

Dedicated Team

Keep your dreams alive. Appreciate to achieve anything requires certainty and confidence in yourself, vision, tenacious work, affirmation, and dedication.

Updated Standards

There are no insider facts to progress. It is the aftereffect of readiness, diligent work, and gaining from disappointment. In the event that you can dream it, you can do it.

Quality Assurance

Judge us on the idea of our things, it is reliably the result of high point, sincere effort, sagacious bearing and helpful execution.

“ Innovation takes Practice for the Superior Level of Excellence ”


Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited - Our affiliation is completely devoted to pass on astounding game plans in changed shapes or points of interest. Our particular extent of FRP accumulating tanks are always open in high caliber and attempted completely on various quality parameters already its last transport to clients. The burden free execution of our amassing tank is ensured by quality unrefined materials that are taken from driving dealers in the business.

Furthermore, we ensure favorable transport of our things as portrayed by organizations. Clients have flexibility to profit our things at industry driving expenses. They can refer to for revamp answers for suit outstanding undertaking demands. Unmistakably, you have to pay insignificant extra revamp FRP tank courses of action yet they are worth in long run.

Our improvement extent of FRP Storage tanks are perceived by endeavors due to high inflexibility, robustness and bewildering finishing standards. Upheld by experienced and qualified testing gathering, our things are always evaluated on various quality parameters for guaranteed execution. The moderateness of our things makes them continuously trustworthy for clients.

Our existence class extent of things is continually masterminded with improvement devices or strategies that make us trusted FRP tank producers and suppliers transversely over India. Our thing run isn't just limited yet we for the most part endeavor to pass on inventive thing answers for our clients as per latest market standards. Our things can by and large be taken in different quality assessments adhering to strict quality standards.

Features :

· Great Corrosion and Weather Resistance
· High Physical and Mechanical Strength
· High Strength to weight proportion
· Exceedingly Durable
· Higher passing on capacity because of shiny inner completion and subsequently less siphon loads Abrasion opposition and Lower warm conductivity
· Impervious to galvanic and stray electrical flows and Excellent warm protection Good versatility and dimensional strength
· UV safe, Esthetically engaging, Flexibility in configuration, Light in Weight and henceforth simple to deal with and introduce
· Simplicity of creation, for example, cutting, boring, joining and so on
· Great Insulating Qualities
· Simplicity of Maintenance with Zero Downtime
· Conservative and savvy

Our Featured FRP Services

frp tank manufacturers in chennai
Bluemoon Fiber Tech Private Limited produce changed FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tanks. We use simply premium quality fiberglass and polyester gum to make our tanks. These tanks are light in weight yet incredibly solid and intense. They being amazingly impenetrable to ruinous synthetic compounds and acids are useful to store a wide extent of synthetic compounds and fluids in the Industries. They are genuinely strong and are proposed for ensured and convincing limit.
GRP Pipes manufacturers in chennai
Glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) are a composite material made of a polymer cross section reinforced with strands. Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited GRP funnels is planned for utilization restriction, atmosphere hindrance, visual examination kind mien, and durability. For unprecedented arrangement requirements, Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited moreover offers custom GRP pipe courses of action. They can similarly be profited in custom subtleties as required.
frp grating manufacturers in chennai
Fiberglass Grating is a lightweight and sound decision to Steel or Aluminum Gratings. Utilization safe and fire resistant, this item offering is ideal for use outside or in dangerous conditions. Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited passes on Molded and Pultruded improvement types in a variety of sizes, gums, and tones. Most Fiberglass Grating has a slip-safe, gritted surface to help maintain a strategic distance from slips and falls. They are basically extreme, productive and reliable in nature.
frp lining manufacturers in chennai
Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited - FRP Lining is an enormous application in the fiberglass business. It has contrasting applications including utilization hindrance, assistant strengthening and waterproofing. FRP Lining will absolutely and impeccably seal the parts, openings, utilization and chipping materials. It offers another life to hurt/broke up dividers giving a whole deal, secure condition at a little measure of the cost of supreme change. It is a suitable choice as opposed to section substitution.
frp lining manufacturers in chennai
Bluemoon Fiber Tech India Private Limited offer wide extent of FRP Molding which are framed with most outrageous exactness and strategies. These have a splendid surface finish which enables basic releasing of the part in the midst of the movement. Our finished FRP molds are comprehensively used for regular improvement, inside decoration and a wide extent of other related applications. The material is commonly unassuming and open in a variety of tints and surfaces, settling on it a tolerable choice.
frp grating manufacturers in chennai
Dependent upon the necessities of the clients, we have organized FRP hoods, covers and plates to deal with various issues at their goals. FRP hoods – Custom made hoods are planned for unequivocal needs in PP/FRP or FRP. There are some after features of our FRP hood are Maximum catch lower suction weight rate and Minimum check in undertakings, for instance, stacking, discharging and materials advancement. We also creating FRP hood as indicated by our client's essential as well.


We give amazing FRP lining administrations to an extent of mechanical applications. There are pickling tanks FRP lining, destructive proof linings, FRP lining plating, etc. FRP is an astounding, non-perilous and cross-associated fixing and covering with unrivaled compound block. We offer the covering in different thicknesses and subtleties. In like manner, we ensure spending plan all around arranged, conceivable and versatile FRP lining game plans.

Our master aggregate endeavors all kind of covering work, according to the need and detail. With magnificent FRP linings, we serve for various present day holders, accumulating tanks and vessels. Our specialists select the right sap for covering, and thickness as per the weight conditions and working temperature.

We offer the most ideal administration in the field, and stay aware of :
· Mechanical quality standards
· Best grade materials
· Proficient and precise work
· Utilization of most recent devices and innovation.

FRP Lining Services are material for some, applications, including :
· Downpour Gutters
· Corrosive Pickling Tanks – GI pipe and wire industry
· Preparing tanks – steel strip industry
· Plating tanks, phosphate tanks and electrifying tanks
· FRP lining in MS tanks and RCC tanks
· FRP lining in ETP tanks, and Chemical spillage regions and so forth.

About us

B luemoon Fibre Tech India Private Limited has attained expertise in offering value added solutions of Frp Tank Manufacturers in Chennai, GRP Pipes manufacturers in Chennai, FRP Grating Manufacturers in Chennai, FRP Lining Manufacturers in Chennai, PP-FRP, PVC FRP Pressure Vessel, PP and FRP Blowers, FRP Moulded Pultruded Gratings, FRP and GRE Pipes and Fittings, etc


  • How can I check the quality of an FRP tank?

    You can check some Salient Features of frp Products for a good quality of frp tank should have High-performance FRP vessels, tank should be Lightweight and easy to install and Absolutely corrosion-resistant.

  • What are the advantages of FRP?

    Excellent corrosion resistance, High mechanical strength at low specific gravity, Good resistance to weathering, Light weight, Good insulating qualities, Provide less maintenance & repairs down time

  • Can we use frp for fabrication of fuel tanks?

    Yes, FRP is better than steel in regards to corrosion resistance. FRP tanks are somewhat more susceptible to buckeling and are more sensitive to temperature.

  • What are the Utilizations of FRP Grating?

    Synthetic and Petrochemical Plants, Engineering and Construction industry, Sustenance and refreshment plants, Walkways, footbridges and staircase, Oil and Gas, Offshore apparatus and Power plants, Water treatment plants and water pools, Working stages and trench covers.

  • What are the Highlights of FRP Lining?

    Ideal limit, Sturdiness, Scraped spot safe, Remarkable attachment

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